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i read stucky fics and cry over sebastian stan a lot

the steve to my bucky

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“It’s always important to look your best when you're feeling your worst."



orphan black s2


a helluva lot of comic books

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a stevebucky mix [side a & side b]
a black widow mix

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awesome mix, vol. 1
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steve x bucky
clint x natasha
sam x natasha
charles x erik

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Cake Walk

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fool with a crush

hey pretty sunflower ✿

I hope you're having a wonderful day and I just wanted to say you are very beautiful and Jack Harkness would totally hit on you and everything will be okay in the end.
You are worth so much more than you think and I hope you get to hug your favourite actor/actress. You are amazing and sweet and hilarious and smart.
I love you so much and if you ever need to anything I'm always here to listen to you about how your day went or what you ate for dinner or whatever you want to tell me!!

ps. you are a cutie with a fine booty (´⊙ω⊙`)╯